1,What is “FOC”?
FOC is short for "field oriented control " It is highly used in advanced industrial transmission device for motor control technology. With its precise controll, the motor can work at optimal torque so as to achieve high efficiency and stability.

2,What is the meaning of our model No?
Take SVMC048060 as an example, SVMC is short for Sabvoton motor controller,048 means the voltage level, and 060 means the maximum DC current.

3,What are the functions of our Sabvoton sine wave motor controller?

1)Some function which can be enabled in the software:
Slide recharge, electric brake, flux weakening, speed limiting..
2)Some functions need to be activated with a signal cable
Basic ones are electric lock ,high brake,
And Boost, reverse, anti-theft, various speed is optional.
(Pls kindly note if customer don’t have special requirement on the function,we will just add the basic one for you.)

4,How does your regen work?
We have two modes to start regen,
One is slide recharge, it works in this way when the controller detects the motor is still accelerating, while the throttle is totally released, it will start to charge the battery automatically.
The other one called "electric brake", that under this mode, when one touch the brake ,it will start to recharge the battery afterwards.

5,What’s your current voltage level?
For the moment ,our controller ‘s voltage range from 48V to 72V,our 96V will come out soon,let’s looking forward to this new generation!

6,Do you have a smaller and lighter controller
Our standard dimension is 249*147*64mm,this design is for better heat dissipation ability.

But to suit some customer’s requirement, we have a smaller version for some models of which the DC limiting current is less than 150A,it is 213*147*64mm.

7,When can you deliver the goods?
If the order qty is less than 50pcs,we could deliver it in 3 days after the payment is received.
If the order qty is between 50 to 200pcs,we could deliver them in a week after the payment is received.
If the order qty is more than 200pcs,we could deliver them in 2~3weeks after payment is received.

8,Can you do some customization?
We could do the customization to match the speed meter or BMS on the condition the initial order is more than 50pcs.
And if you have some ideas about the controller,pls kindly contact us maybe we could cooperate with you and work it out.
And for single units,we always sell our controller with the standard setting.

9 ,About the parameter setting,
We have a reference table,

Parameter settings about the 3 Various Speed and boost function,
If there is no “3 various speed”or “boost”function,the rated DC current can be the same value as the max DC current.
If there is “3 various speed” or “boost” function, the effect is obvious if the rated DC current is set with around 60% of the max DC current.
And the Parameter setting about the acceleration or deceleration time
The less the “acceleration time” value is,the faster the throttle responses.(It is forbidden that the time value set over 2000ms) ,One could adjust the parameter to suit own driving habit within the range (less than 2000ms)

What is the main difference between sine wave driving controller and square wave one?

1.The sine wave controller can minimize the torque pulsation,achive non-noise,non-viabration.

2.The motor can work at the best torque to achive stability and high efficiency.

What is the feature of"Sabvoton"band sine wave controller?

1. FOC sine-wave controller applied to BLDC or PMSM

2. Minimizing the torque pulsation, achieving non-noise, non-vibration run with great comfort

3. Work efficiently, reducing the heat consumption, and prolong the life of motors.

4. Built-in protection, includes: block protection, over-current protection, over-heat protection, over-voltage, protection and so on, guaranteeing the system and driver safety

5. Status and fault intelligence management provide the information including the run-mode, fault type and    so on, LED also twinkle in different way to indicate the fault type, all these make the diagnosis and repair    easily.

6. Convenient external interface: reversing ,cruise, EBS, anti-theft and so on

7. Parameters and functions can be configurable by computer or mobile phone

8. CAN bus  is optional for meter or BMS application

Does it operate in torque mode or speed mode?

Torque mode.

What is the buying process ?
After the order accepted by our customers(price,specification,qty),we will issue you a PI to enable your payment.And when we received your momey through bank transfer,the controllers will be delivered to you in 7 days at most.
And for single unit if the bank transfer is too complicated for buyer,we could accept the 'Escrow"payment through the Internet too.